Entry #1


2014-07-12 17:31:09 by AndreuMB

Hello, few viewers of this post. I've got to say that I've passed the limit of upload arts per month. So, I won't upload anything until July. I said.


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2014-07-12 18:31:10

Well that is mostly to prevent spam so it can't be helped.

AndreuMB responds:

Yeah, I supposed so. Anyway it sucks to me. I think it was enough with the daily limit.


2014-07-13 13:05:46

You could delete some uploads, and i think that will allow you to re upload some things, anyway take in mind that as an scouted artist all your non sketch submissions will appear in the art portal so there is a limit, try to make 1 or 2 uploads per day and 5 per week, something like that.

AndreuMB responds:

Humm... I guess I'll make that, but I won't delete anything for the moment. Thanks for the advice.